Renters Insurance

Everyone should have renters insurance in Colorado — including you.

At Henderson Insurance Agency, we’re committed to making sure our clients are sufficiently covered in all facets of life — no matter how big their house is or what kind of car they drive. If you live in Colorado, our agency is dedicated to communicating our insurance strategies effectively to all customers in a way they understand.

A Colorado renters insurance policy is similar to a homeowners policy in that it will protect you and your personal assets in case anything ever goes wrong. Having renters insurance will also come up with solutions for any subsequent damage costs.

Your landlord’s insurance policy will not cover you or your assets should anything happen. Normally, a landlord’s insurance will cover the physical structure of your building for instances such as fire damage or anything relating to weather. However, if a personal belonging such as a computer or TV is stolen or damaged, your landlord’s renters insurance will not provide coverage.

Generally speaking, Colorado renters insurance covers your personal possessions from loss, additional living expenses when necessary, medical expenses for treating those injured on your property in addition to unexpected lawsuits.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to deciding the exact amount of coverage you need from your Colorado renters insurance. Colorado customers will enjoy working with our wonderful and experienced team who are committed to helping you understand your risk exposure while giving you the help you need.

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