Pet Insurance

pet insurance

Our family members come in many shapes and sizes. Some are more demanding than others at times, but all deserve equal care and protection. As a pet parent give yourself the peace of mind of pet insurance. Henderson Insurance Agency has partnered with Pets Best to help you handle the unforeseen medical needs of your furry family member without jeopardizing the rest of your family’s financial future.

How Pet Insurance Works

When your pet becomes sick or injured, take them to the veterinarian of your choice. You pay the vet and then submit your claim to us, and you can expect a reimbursement on an average of just two days! You will be reimbursed up to 100% of your actual vet bill after an annual deductible. If you own a pet in Colorado, getting this coverage is essential for your pet’s protection.

Be the Decision Maker of Your Pet’s Care

Dogs and cats can become  injured or sick unexpectedly, just like their human counterparts. Don’t let the cost of veterinary bills dictate the treatment decisions you and your veterinarian will make for your beloved four-legged sidekick. Pet insurance means you will be reimbursed on your vet bills making state of the art care for your loved pet budget friendly.

Variety of Pet Insurance Plans

Henderson Insurance Agency is proud to offer four Best Benefit pet insurance packages for your trusted family members. Routine Care and Specialized Coverage Plans are also available. Whether you want cancer coverage or accidents and illnesses coverage only, we are equipped to serve your pet’s unique needs over their entire lifetime.

Custom Quote for Custom Pet Care

Start your free pet insurance quote today. Your rate will be based on the number of loved pets you are insuring, their breed, age, and where you live.

Why Pet Insurance?

Rest easy knowing you can now protect your protector.  You can return the favor of offering comfort to your furry loved one in their time of need as you know all too well they have selflessly been there for you in your times of need. To find out more about how we can help protect your pet, give us a call at 303-706-1000 or get a free quote from our website today!

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